Vigne della Casona

Oltrepò Pavese Rosso Riserva DOC

Deep ruby red.
Richly fruity and spicy.
Great body, harmonious, very long.
Best served at 18-20°C in broad-based stemmed glasses.

Grape Varieties
65% barbera, 35% croatina + pinot nero + uva rara + vespolina.
The grapes come from old vines and are picked when ultra-ripe.

Long fermentation in small stainless steel vats and in 10-50hl casks; the malolactic fermentation completes prior to the onset of winter.
Grapes of different varieties and from different plots are vinified separately to retain their individual qualities.

Each batch ages for at least one year, in 9-25hl oak casks and 225-300hl barrels; selected batches are then blended and the resultant wine ages further in large oak casks before bottling. Once bottled it is held for around 18 months before release.

Annual production
6,500 - 10,000 bottles

Release for sale
Four to five years after the vintage.

Optimal maturation
If the bottles are kept in a cool, dark location the wine will drink well for at least 15 years.

Vintages currently on sale


Total acidity
Residual sugars
Sugar-free extract
Total polyphenols
Total SO2
Free SO2

15,97 % vol
6,24 g%
0,38 g%
27,7 g/l
2,99 g/l
31,7 mg/l
8,2 mg/l

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