Bonarda (slightly sparking)

Oltrepò Pavese Bonarda DOC

Purple-tinged ruby red with a rich red mousse.
Very fruity, spicy.
Soft with a little sweetness, well balanced by acidity; well-structured and long.

Best served at around 15°C

Grape Varieties
85% croatina, 15% barbera + uva rara + vespolina

Temperature-controlled fermentation in stainless steel vats; part fermented to dryness, part left sweet; in January the two parts are blended together, yielding a wine of around 30 g/l residual sugar; this is then refermented in pressure tanks with the addition of selected fresh yeasts.

Annual production
32,500 - 39,000 bottles

Release for sale
The summer following the vintage.

Optimal maturation
If the bottles are kept in a cool, dark location the wine will drink well for at least five years but is at its most characteristic and attractive during the first three.

Vintages currently on sale


Total acidity
Residual sugars
Sugar-free extract
Total polyphenols
Total SO2
Free SO2

12,96 %vol
6,88 g%
1,31 g%
26,40 g/l
1,87 g/l
51,90 mg/l
9,20 mg/l

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