Our Estate

Our estate took shape in 1991 when we returned to making and bottling wine, an activity that had been carried out by our family for half a century but had lapsed during the previous generation.

Although, in reality, winemaking didn't cease completely; it had simply turned to home production, the grapes coming from just one small vineyard.

We quickly brought those first two hectares up to five, then to eight, and we built and fully equipped a new cellar.

We now have approximately 20 hectares of vines, lying between 200 and 250 metres. All are in the area of Casteggio and most of them are set around the cellar in the locality of Casona, a position renowned for the quality of its wines.

The lands nestle under the Ceresino woods which dominate the surrounding countryside, a spot which is not just attractive but has great character.

Riccardo Albani

The grape varieties we grow are those traditional to the Oltrepò: primarily barbera, croatina, uva rara and vespolina, but also pinot nero and riesling renano, grapes which have been cultivated on the area's hillsides for over a century.

Barbera is the leading variety in the area for red wines made for ageing, and it is regarded as highly in the Oltrepò as it is in neighbouring Piedmont.

Croatina, uva rara and vespolina are all varieties that have been grown here since ancient times.

How to reach our estate

Casona lies about 4 km from the village of Casteggio. From the village, take the road for Montalto Pavese. After around 1_ km take a small right-hand fork towards San Biagio, leaving the Montalto road. About 2_ km along you arrive at the group of houses that forms Casona, at the end of a stretch of plains, on the right.

If you let us know that you are intending to call, we will do our best to be there to meet you.

Casteggio is a signposted exit from the A21 Torino-Piacenza motorway; from there to the centre of the village is just 3 km.

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