Our choice

We grow our grapes using agricultural methods that are sustainable, thereby allowing us to attain that originality of style that can only be transmitted to a wine naturally by an individual site.

We pay great attention to our land, especially in respect of the wild vegetation that springs up between the rows, so enabling the vines to grow in complete balance. We strictly refuse to use chemical fertilizers.

Neither do we use any systemic products, herbicides, insecticides or anti-botrytis treatments.

Healthy, ripe grapes, rigorous selection at harvest; winemaking that maximizes the fullness and purity that the grapes can give; minimal use, if any, of sulphur dioxide and filtration: we overlook nothing to obtain wines that are wholesome, rounded, open and long-lived, and which partner food wonderfully.

We insist that their quality matches our expectations: not just as wine producers but also as drinkers. Prosit!

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